Fishing Charters



The majority of salmon fishing is done close to shore in shallow waters of roughly 60 feet or less. This fishing is my favorite as it usually consists of reel-smoking battles and a lot of fun!



Halibut fishing is a much different experience compared to salmon. I will anchor the boat allowing our bait scent to draw in the halibut. This style of fishing is typically productive, especially for the larger-sized fish.


LING COD & Snapper

These fish are caught by drifting over steep ledges while jigging.

 Other species landed by guests include various Sole, Cabazon, Albacore Tuna, Skate, Greenling, and the many species of Rockfish that school about the reefs.

 Chinook (king) Salmon are targeted from mid-May to mid-September, and as the summer heats up the Coho (silver) Salmon become a large part of the action.