Whale Watching

The Port Hardy region on Vancouver Island attracts a large variety of whales and porpoises. The ocean currents converge here and develop the perfect conditions for the food source these whales depend on.

Whale watching, and the protection and study of whales, is a bustling activity in this whole region. On a whale watching tour, you're likely to see:


Gray Whales

Among the most popular are the Gray Whales, which are found closer to shore. Often curious about boats and people, they come close enough that you can imagine touching them. They bulldoze the bottom straining out worms, fish and sand shrimp.

Orca (Killer Whales)

Follow the salmon runs into the area.

Pacific White Sided Dolphins

Tour the area in search of salmon and herring.

Humpback Whales

Breach and splash and slap their enormous pectoral and caudal fins on the surface in order to corral the small fish and shrimp they eat. An every day occurrence as we fish!

Dahl's Porpoises

Often seen frolicking at the front of our boat, and may splash you as you lean over for a look. They can be seen feeding with the Orcas.

Harbor Porpoises

Visible year-round and not much larger than a Chinook salmon.